Customers need to get a sense of who you are and what your salon has to offer, before they'll feel comfortable booking an appointment, if they haven’t previously visited your salon. Creating a detailed profile and accurate listing will attract guests and set their expectations.

Your WhatSalon profile is the first opportunity you have to introduce yourself and get them excited about booking an appointment with you. WhatSalon will provide a photographer to create high-quality professional images of your salon. It is up to you to make sure the Salon looks its best on that day. Make sure to clear any clutter to make your salon more inviting. Highlight unique amenities to your salon.

WhatSalon will work with you to provide a description of your salon letting potential customers know what to expect when they book an appointment at your salon.

Be aware of the competition in your local area. Some consumers are concerned about price, so it is good to price your offerings competitively. Please feel free to contact WhatSalon if you need assistance.